1) Beautiful, talented, funny people are awesome – but I am jealous of them. Insanely so. And I know I’ll never be like them (be them) and consoling myself with self-“acceptance” just seems like such bullshit on some days.

2) Unproductive days, to a rather busy person, is filled with guilt

3) Music changes the way you see things, an eclectic mix on my phone makes the trip to work a bit more spiffy… assuming my choice in song doesn’t depress the poop out of me

4) Mornings are more bearable with you wake up to a ball of fur that dotes on you

5) Sometimes, I wish I could use use a pen to draw what I feel because the negative-spaces that make up letters which make up words can appear so empty

6) I always felt like the name of this blog wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be. This notion has just been confirmed with the realization that my Interweb space should actually be called “thoughts and theories”… maybe I’ll get around to changing the title one of this days. Maybe even today. Maybe NOW.

7) Now is a good time to get things done.

8) “Now” keeps moving.

  1. robbie said:

    its never too late for now

  2. pawan said:

    and have sort of nick name too like wonder women oho wonder women ,something wrong in the neighborhood who you going to call wonder women or you can choose others you like too for she thinks to her self you know …..

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