I quite like them. Sadly I’m not very surprise-able and have caught wind of parties in my honor, but today dear dear dear darling R and I were making plans and we fondly remembered him surprising me for my birthday freshmen year of college. Under some silly drama tale, D and C dragged me to the airport and upon waiting for what seemed like forever, R comes strolling by without a care in the world. He wishes he had my reaction on video, I sure as heck glad he doesn’t. This is my formal apologies to all those who are still suffering from a slight hearing impairment.

The other super surprise was when my best S came to visit me for the weekend and I woke up to her and J (who was a part of the planning committee) jumping on my bed. Who cares if it was 7 am, I was pretty thrilled. And having her around is a sure fire way of knowing I’ll laugh till I just about pee myself silly.

I get pretty damn excited to see my bests. I also don’t get people who don’t like surprises.

I miss my fav people 😦


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