A guide on how to relax

Relaxing seems like such a foreign concept these days. If I had the time and means to do so I believe I’d be at a loss. I suppose the visual most people get from the word “relaxing” is somethings low-key – sitting on a beach, getting a massage, reading a book with a nice big mug of warm goodness – and all of these sounds so appealing to me but I just about never have the time for it.

Perhaps because of this, I realize that I have different ways of rejuvinating myself. I don’t need a vacation in the Bahamas (but if anyone wants to buy me a vaca-package I’ll happily accent) and I don’t need a rainy day to sit by my window with good food. I’ve realized that the best way for me to not lose my sanity is my friends.

So when I have brief snippets of free time, I don’t mind going to another part of town to see a friend because I miss them so much. Whenever I can coordinate, I’m okay with getting up at the sparrow’s crack of dawn if  I can squeeze in a Skype session, and I am so very thrilled about staying up late if it means I can get a good conversation on chat.

I regret that sometimes I have to cut a date short because of looming deadlines and meetings, I hate hate hate how a postponed plan will be postponed time and time again, and I bums me out when I don’t see friends online for long stretches of time.

But when I do and we talk, and we have coffee, and we send each other links and laugh – it’s the most relaxed I get these days.  Just being able to flex my mind in a different way, being allowed to dump the not so happy bits of my life on the table, and absorbing goodwill and love and excellent company is probably the best that I could ask for.

My friends really are my lifeline.

My other relaxation/happiness with instant results: Food. Currently on the list of things I’ve craved in the last week:

1) Black olives
2) Roasted corn (with salt, lemon, and piiiiiiiro aachar)
3) Burritos (Ideally from Anna’s)
4) Cheese, a whole platter of a variety of cheese
5) Salami
6) Corn bread
7) Sushi
8) Bitter bitter bitter chocolate
9) Steak
10) Peanut butter (out of the jar)

And the list could go on and on and on. Also, NO, I am not pregnant. I just really…really…really like food.

But when food doesn’t succeed and friends aren’t available, I have the quiet of my room, the comfort of blankets on my bed, and the infectious happiness of a puppy who teaches me how to love unconditionally.

  1. bijay said:

    you cannot miss Java ko cheese cake.

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