please don’t point out
those flaws that make me self conscious
i feel awkward about them as it is

for a girl, who speak her mind
and almost always says too much
i find it difficult
and unkind
that i cannot say out loud
my hurt

you travel
in and out of my day
and i try to weave
you into patches of time
and yet,
and yet,
and yet,
we have yet to intertwine

i am not surprised
by your voice leaking
from white wires
i am surprised
at how, you enter my ear
so familiar

your apologies
are as useful to me
as an asshole in my elbow,
or so the saying goes.

but i hope you know, my intention isn’t to hurt you too

1 comment
  1. pawan said:

    ok if you didn’t mean to hurt me ok then ..but i don’t even know you…..

    also sorry for trying to flood your blog was just bored …

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