Indian food.
we decide
to eat
in Nepal.

ordering slightly over priced for their size
appetizers, we sort of grimace because they’re also over spiced
and greasy. very greasy.
but you laugh at my jokes
(out of kindness I believe)

and somehow, we end up talking
which i’ve made efforts to avoid
until, of course, you asked for another beer, please

so red faced and blushing
eyes twinkling
(cliché though it seems)
you talked and i somewhat listened
because i couldn’t help but be pleased
by the unplanned happiness
of our evening

various shades of red
a rainbow on her head
emerging in the sun
my beautiful friend covers her face
but I wish she wouldn’t

“beer for breakfast!” you say
and i agree (but only because it’s actually fair past noon)
and we drink and talk
and drink and laugh
and drink and discuss
and by the time the pizza comes
i’m so happy i could dance

but i didn’t.

next time, okay?

the evenings aren’t so cold
and the momos are balls of compounded heat
while i try to hold the delicious contents in

dripping the aachar slips
from the toothpick that won’t hold well
and i think i could have done with a spoon

but friends, old and new
(an acquaintance too)
are around talking
and i hug them hello
and i stab my momos
steaming and

the music might have been good
if the pounding hadn’t found its way
inside my head
“dance” my friends commands
but i’m slugging and feeling several times my age

“drink?” he asks but i’ve had way too much in two days
more than i’ve had in weeks and i know better than to say okay
so i stay as long as i can stand the flash of the multicoloredlighted stage
these days, 8pm feels so incredibly late — even on a saturday

i sleep my exhaustion into you
and you’re happy just to have our space
to fill with kisses
and to make up for our business
we let ourselves love

evening mall sessions happen
after work because
i’m sorry i stood you up the other evening
i’m sorry i’m late today
but i do enjoy seeing your face
as we scour shop after shop
settling for green shoes
that look so pretty on your feet
even if your outfit ends up being Christmas-y
and i admit defeat to brownies and a cup of coffee
(while we converse about life, work, and all sorts of other things)
unable to find the shoes of my dreams

  1. pawan said:

    you are going all poety…
    also do you what you need veg fried momo well i eat veg fried momo veg fried momo good good ..
    sorry for bad joke

    rose are red
    violet are green(not really)
    where is food
    i eat you
    again sorry for bad joke : )

    main point you should try surreal poetry too also
    you can do it

  2. pawan said:

    also put “know” in that also do you know part hai i have left out “know” i have don;t want to look bad in englsih hehe also whats tha point tof moderation..

    • Hello Pawan! No apologies needed for all the comments — I quite enjoy them! Also, I didn’t eat meat for a year and had a lot of veg momos, but meat momos are definately better 🙂
      Ani yo moderating comments chahi… khoi… just like to screen what people say hola. hahaha.

      Also, aaskal it’s been mostly poetry because it takes less time to write, I don’t have huge chucks of time to find the flow to write prose. maybe i will take up on your suggestion and write surreal poetry one of these days – i actually write (“write” re, I have INTENTIONS) of writing magic/surreal realism 🙂

  3. you know who said:

    i am number two

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