Yesterday I got off work early and on my way home, I received a call from a friend demanding I pay a visit to my former employment. I complied. I spent the time with three former coworkers who are now friends and over cups of coffee we laughed and caught up. Never mind that in the professional world, we are rivals.

One friend had made a trip out of the country and she brought gifts of bangles for me, and she also delivered a bracelet from a childhood friend. Sitting here, my arms stretched out to the keyboard before me, adorned by the newest addition to my growing jewelry collection, I feel like I have love on my wrists.

Soon though, the sky was no longer bright and I felt the need to take my leave. On the long way home I was listening to music, I was immensely grateful that the bus was not that crowded (read: no asses in my back or elbows in my face). And I got thinking about truly how blessed I am.

In my two point five years living in Nepal I have managed to meet some of the most beautiful, talented, and inspiring people who I am proud to tag as my friends. Some friends will last for this phase of my life, others will be there at my wedding (if I wed), and they’ll know and love all of the puppies I incorporate into my family in the future.

I have an incredible family. I find it amazing that I have parents who are so much more open, accepting, and just cooler than I had ever thought they could be. They encourage me and the pride they have in my sister and I only serves to motivate me to be worthy of their praise.

I have a job I love. I can’t believe I’ve been as fortunate to move from one job I loved to another job I love even more. There is much to learn every day, there is much to read, and there is so much growing that can take place from the very newsroom I am in at this very moment. I work with such talented people and I come to work everyday hoping some of their expertise, confidence, and sheer brilliance in performance will rub off on me.

I am earning enough. I never need to go hungry. I have everything need, and just about all of my wants are met.

Years ago I struggled with whether it was contentedness or happiness I should aspire for, and yesterday i realized there is no more opposition between the two, I am both – perfectly balanced.

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  1. ryan said:

    Very cool. Good to hear that life is treating you well. Did I tell you that I am going to Nepal this summer? A friend of ours has been working with various Nepalese groups for the past 6 or 7 summers now. This time we (jessica and I) are going to go with him and a small group of volunteers. I know he has some sort of connection with your dad’s org but I am not sure exactly what. Anyway, I hope we can see each other when I go over there. ps, let me know if there is anything you want me to bring from the US.

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