most people probably refuse to say things out loud
to avoid confirming facts though voice, air waves, and sound
but when i say it to ears that listen and arms that provide comfort
i find myself more disconnected from reality

if i continue to breathe
to breathe in and suck my belly
to inhale and prevent oxygen from escape
could i take back things i’ve said?
could i breathe you back in?

it’s easier to remain silent
the other option, is to appear to be a madwoman
insanity has never held so much appeal

the silence isn’t for lack of things to say
it’s an act of self restraint
to prevent the dam from breaking
emotions from spilling
tears from cascading
life to stop moving.

it’s important that we move.
you and i
to our own beats

my lungs ache for you
liquid upon liquid
suffocates my eyes
like thoughts
and i am blind-ed


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