Sewing project: Take two

New sewing project! Hey Nepa.Li thanks for the dhakka suggestion…but a summer dress happened instead! Although I do have plans for a dhaka something or the other, haven’t quite figure out what yet.

२०१२०४१२-०१३२३२ उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpg


A close up of the bow/tie/thing
२०१२०४१२-०१३२५२ उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpg


I LOVE the floral pattern and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric 😀
२०१२०४१२-०१३३१५ उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpg


I feel ready to welcome summer and the new Nepali year, happy 2069 everyone.

  1. kc said:

    hey..u r actually making me inspired or envious (:P).. I might soon go cut my old garments and try sewing….(all thanks to u)….And did you do the sleeves with hand as well? looks good on you….and yes i love the fabric as well….. You are doing it like a pro…Happy new year!!! 🙂

    • Hello and thank you! Yes, I did all of it by hand! I would highly recommend giving old clothes new life, or go ahead and buy fabric but if you know where to look it’s SUPER cheap and you can get exactly what you want in a size and style that fits and is flattering! Happy sewing and stitching to you, but I do hope you have your own sewing machine because doing it by hand takes time!

      • kc said:

        Hey I don’t have sewing machine and don’t know how to operate it as well..Nevertheless lets start with the basic of sewing i.e. handway..and Thank you so much.You are so kind!!! 🙂

  2. dhaka bandana, gloves (hahaha – wonder what Michael Jackson would’ve said to that), holster .. iPhone case?

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