Sewing project: Take 3

Okay, so I’m all into making my own clothes from scratch, but yesterday I was feeling a wee bit lazy (fine, VERY lazy) and wanted to fool myself with productivity so I decided to alter a dress…to a skirt. Also, this was SO easy that it doesn’t even need step by step pictures, but it makes me feel more ‘pro’ about my haphazard projects.

Here is what my dress looked like. I bought it a few years ago and I really like/liked it but I never wore it much because I feel odd about wearing just black and white, and I don’t like how the top doesn’t have sleeves (I’m rather ‘modest’ in the way I dress in Nepal), and I don’t like how it billows out. Anything expect a fitted form (“I-line” as a fashionable friend recently informed me) and I feel like I should be in pigtails, someone else give me a lollipop!
२०१२०४२०-११३९३६ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg

So…I just cut the top bit I didn’t want:
२०१२०४२०-११३९५६ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg

I got some elastic (actually took this off another tunic that I like more now without the elastic waistband!) to attach to the top of my skirt:
२०१२०४२०-११४०१२ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg


This is my doggie (who looks like a mer-dog in this photo) unhappy because instead of playing with her, I was hunched over my desk:

Most real sewers would probably have used pins to hold the elastic in place as they sewed it on, but I didn’t have pins, I had hair clips, which if you asked me worked just fine thankyouverymuch:
२०१२०४२०-११४०१८ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg

Cut, stitch, and WALLAH (or ‘Voila’ if you’re classier than I am):
२०१२०४२०-११४०२७ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg

This new skirt will get so much more use than the dress it used to belong to did:
२०१२०४२०-११४०३४ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg

I just might alter more of my clothes so they’re a better/more flattering fit and I actually wear them more 😀

  1. pawan said:

    Make something for your puppy too…..

  2. Gerbera Feelings said:

    I shall try this too, have a few untouched. Thanx.

  3. D said:

    i love your mirror!!! and of course, your skill 😀

  4. D said:

    i love your mirror!!! and of course, your skill too 😀

  5. kgb said:

    SWEEET! (ps: can i have the top part. LOL.)

    • hahahahahahhaha yes. please take it and do something artsy with it. next time i see you (maybe hat party 2 ma) I’ll give it to you hai?

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