Ama: You wouldn’t know it by looking at you, but you’re actually really talented

Baba: I’m so sad–you cook so well, you are such a good writer, you know how to handle people, you know what to say, you are such a good listener, you know how to be diplomatic and how to talk to different people, you can do anything–but you just don’t have self-confidence

Didi: You are super-daughter


These are the words of my family. I don’t know how they’re supposed to make me feel. But I end up slinking away from their pride, their expectations, I end up feeling guilty. Like I’m not worthy, of being held in such high esteem. Like they’ve got it all wrong. Like these words of kindness were meant for somebody else, and they accidentally fell in the vicinity where I happened to be.

(What is this a moment of? Clarity? Self-pity? Honesty?) –> Don’t answer that please, it’s a rhetorical question and I’m the one asking me.

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