More bits and pieces

1) it’s a most lovely thing, watching strangers turn into friends. must less amusing knowing friends are turning into strangers. such is life

2) i admire the way N loves so foolishly, and even knowing so, keeps promises that have all but lost meaning. i still won’t recommend it though.

3) the book i’m reading has a line that says “i’m sorry, it was unforgiveable” followed by “you’re right, it was unforgiveable” and i started thinking about my own unforgiveable acts. i suppose, they’re also unforgettable. even though we try.

4) it seems to be the time of year for engagements, weddings, and babies. while i do feel genuine happiness for those of my friends who are linked to any or all of these activities, i just don’t get it.

5) a friend falling into the ‘just engaged’ category, has possibly the craziest real life love story, and now with that beautiful ring on her finger (from Tiffany’s) i can’t help but think it’s all so surreal.

6) sometimes i wish i could vomit emotions. just let it expel out of me in a big stinking mess, the punishment of overindulging

7) mornings are a difficult time of day for me, instead of new hope of a new day, i’m always filled with dread and loathing

8) i don’t want to leave my room today. i’d really like to make use of the huge armchair by my window, the one that has ended up being the space to dry my towel.

9) i need to fucking do something with my life. i am open to suggestions.

  1. nameless said:

    I hear you….loud and clear xoxo

  2. Ellie said:

    Amen on point 9 and in your following post. Once again, you’ve summed up my (our generation’s?) anxieties with ease. Need to chat soon.

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