just because

Disclaimer: This post has no purpose, no goal, no pre-thought out ideas or ideals. I’m sleepy but at the office and am writing here as a ‘break’ from work and such and blah blah and, like, such as, I know where Africa is on a map–if you get that reference, give yourself a pat on the back. As far as disclaimers go, this one is pretty terrible.


1) I looooooove lists. I don’t know why. I just do. Does anyone else get excited about them? No? Just me? Cool. cool.

2) I envy good writers. I’ve been on a Chuck binge, and reading his works, I’m literally drooling and then whining to myself asking…’whhhhy can’t iiii wriiite liiike thaaaaaaat’?”. I do believe this whining will take my skill to a new level of pathetic.

3) Holy smelly poopers. I’m turning 25 this year. My friends who are older than me tell me I’m still young, but I feel the oppressive DOOM of aging. No, not being over dramatic.

4) ALSO…yeah…that book I was going to get published by the time I was 25, looks like I’ll postpone my deadline to…let’s say…50. And if need be, we can amend that much in the way the Constitution drafting in Nepal keeps getting pushed back

5) THAT WAS A POLITICAL REFERENCE. sorta. Politics bores me.

6) BUT, I was thinking… maybe if I had the time to actually write I’d get something done. I have ideas. …and then I have paranoid irrational fears about how these thoughts are now in the ‘collective conscience’ and maybe someone else will write it up and i’ll feel like stepped-on-poop when i shell out moolah to read my ideas written by someone else. For a moment, I actually wished Thought Police were real. Well, I guess I don’t actually need po-lice, I need a ‘thought safe’. wtf. woman. stop making a fool of yourself.

7) The other day, over coffee with a friend, I realized I have this ‘need’ to be entertaining. wait, that didn’t come out right. I feel like i have to be entertaining. like anything but a happy-me won’t do, which doesn’t make sense esp since said friend has seen me being an inebriated bawling my eyes out fool.

8) this theme of me being a fool is reoccurring. hmm. time to re-assess my life? maybe? no? oh okay. good.

9) this is starting to feel self-indulgent

10) whatever. it’s my blog.

11) why are you still here reading this?

12) and this?

14) and THIS?

14) I skipped number 13.

15) I feel bad for it.

13) here it is!

16) out of order :/

17) how annoying


  1. faceless said:

    You can do it (Rob Schneider he is brilliant) all night long ,you have to work hard you know…

  2. This new theme makes it difficult to read the last sentence of the last blog on this page. This isn’t it – just saying; well, this will be it when you post another one. So yes, good thing I read it.

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