I feel like I’m in a writing lull. I’m bored of my stuff and I’m bored of myself, which is all the more reason why I’m super excited about Haiku Hangout — the upcoming VENT event.

Maybe spending time with others who enjoy writing and poetry will be just what I need.

But I have to apply for it….and…applications scare me…
The whole process, of filling out an application, of trying to make myself sound interesting and worthy, of waiting–it’s so tiresome. At least this application form is actually quite entertaining.

Hopefully they’ll pick me, you should apply too if you’re in Kathmandu, and we can have fun and hang out with haikus!  (<–hah, that rhyme wasn’t even intentional, the cool peeps at VENT so need to let me in!)

In other news:
It’s raining now and I wish I could sit by a huge glass window with a mug of something warm just watching the outside world blur though water. There is nothing quite like the sound and smell of rain to sooth. Watching ripples coat and slide down glass, it’s like some funky photoshop effect warping reality. For some reason, the rain today looks more heavy. Thicker too, like saliva mixed into water. Sluggish and weighty. Sorta how I’m feelig.

  1. minfied said:

    sounds interesting. the application form hehe… entertaining indeed but sadly i’m not being to get thru their website so i haven’t fully understood what this is about :/

  2. faceless said:

    we this is about haiku min ….

    ( Haiku Hangout is a hangout of cool people, writing haikus and sipping green tea (tea not provided)(well tea is provided as written after the registration fee Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself
    Walt Whitman)

    Click here to fill up the application form:

    It started in the orient(more or less), where dudes drinking green tea finally lost it one day and started to write whatever came to their (mostly bald) head. Surprisingly, it had meticulous form and structure, something we will not follow in our Hangout.

    Haiku Hangout is all about breaking those conventions. It will not be academic, there will not be the ghost of 5-7-5 chasing you. Haiku Hangout is about you and your expressions; thought bubbles bursting, images popping, laughter, strumming guitar strings for your friends, eating mo:mo and farting, it is what you experience and want to treasure the most.

    Registration Fees: NRs. 100
    (This includes the expense required for refreshment: tea and some amazing cookies/roll/doughnut/bakery item, and resources like paper!!!)

    Application Deadline: Sunday, 20th May, 2012

    Come hang out with us, apply (enjoy the form!), and experience some awesome haiku-ness. )

    basically making haiku i guess..

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