khoi k khoi k

nobody knows the gypsy in you like i do
A said
that line plays on repeat
like a scratched cd
especially since cds
are now rather out of date
it’s true
it’s true
it’s true
come back to me, in endless cups of tea
and maybe we could let gravel
make indented tattoos
on our backs, again?
could we search in the blues
for that deeper truth
that you say
is hidden in your heart?
could you semi-flirt
just a little more
and do what you do best–
make me laugh?
and make me think
i’d like to find that inner you
i’d like the things you say
to be my gypsy lullaby
and i’ll be
your gypsy friend
your gypsy, friend

i watched a war yesterday
on the bus
between two hands
thumbs erect
ready to conquer
but the real conquest
was in getting to touch
getting to graze
and from the smiles behind war faces
i knew
the battle was just a guise
i knew
because i did that too
once upon a time
when we were not brave enough
to allow ourselves to hold each other
i know
i’ve played this game
this war
but for the life of me,
i can’t remember,
with who

my words are stunted
when real life interrupts


  1. faceless said:

    gypsies are cool but not as cool as hippies ..apparently there are a lot of hippies in pokhara someone should call eric cartmen i think they are going to start hippie fest….

  2. Ok it’s your blog and all but all I see is this big old typewriter (is it .. it?). Am I the only reader complaining? Aba almost completely missed the entire right indented poetrics.

    • hahahah. i’ve changed my blog about 6 times in the last week… still trying to find the “right” one… i’ll get there…eventually.

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