Such is life

A week (or was it two?) ago, I found my desk at work with more ants than usual. In a matter of minutes the swarm has increased and clearly, I became curious. Somewhere in the background I heard a buzzing and it took a bit before I found the source behind my computer–a fly, on its back, unable to take flight.

This fly, over the next half hour or so would give into sudden bursts of attempted escape, but there was no hope of it turning upright. In crooked lines ants came around and in due time, the fly was silenced.

I watched the ants, on a mission, take over what remained of the fly. A part of me was disgusted and I considered swiping my desk clean–dead fly, savage ants and all, but seeing as the process was so natural. I let it be. Natural, in an urban setting. Natural, on my desk, behind my computer screen.  And so, instead of leaving the whole process scattered on the floor or balled up in the pin, I don’t know but I took a picture:

२०१२०५११-०५२७४१ उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpg

Not to long after, I was in another part of the country and outside my hotel room I came across a similar ant undertaking, but this time of a cockroach. This roach, like the fly, initially showed signs of life, weakening life.  I gazed and was almost amused at how several ants would take hold of an antenna. At first, the roach wouldn’t resist, and then it’s try to flicker its antenna away…carrying along a few ants with it.

२०१२०५११-०५२७५९ उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpg

We say flies are insignificant, we says cockroaches would be the only creatures to survive an atomic bomb, and yet, they both came to the same end.

Watching, I felt like God.

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  1. faceless(didyouknowthat there is a character called faceless in spirited away) said:

    did you know that Virginia Woolf has written’ death of moth “on similar note well sort of …

    since i am narcissist so did you know that for two days i was trying to sing and rewrite a short story hurrah for me ….

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