there are reasons to be happy and many more (it seems) to be sad. mostly though, i just feel lethergic…any motivation, will power, ambition has leaked away and evaporated. i don’t even feel like writing. all i want is for it to be next month so i can fly away to beautiful new places and be there when my best friend gets married.

upcoming travels and knowing i’ll see old friends soon is pretty much the only reason i bother waking up these days, and what an effort that is.

once travels and such are done with it, i have no idea what i’ll have to pull me through. anger and frustration probably.


i’m not even in the mood for lists…that’s how bad is it….what is it about this time of year that puts me in such a slump. my annual battle with myself. fackity fack fack.



mmm. yes. excellent.

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