And then this happened…

Three days of not being able to get to work entailed a fair bit of sleeping, reading, eating, and dress making:

२०१२०५२२-१०५१०१ उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpg

This is my news dress, and it’s like…. FULL OF FEATURES.

Features like:
1) Three mis-matched buttons!
2) A draw-string!
3) Cuffed sleeves!
4) POCKETS…to put things in…like random sewing tools, or a kangaroo (why? BECAUSE I HAVE POCKED THAT’S WHY!) also… pockets are trickier to make than one would think, do not make them when you’re tired because strange things happen….lucky for me somehow it magically worked out in the end…and yeah… POCKETS!!

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and…it’s like little crowns. so. that’s like…good reason to love the dress. this was fun, super fancy given my limited (read: zero) pro seamstress skills. but yeah. now i just need these damn bandhas to end so i can wear it somewhere other than my room.



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