A few weeks without writing (OMG SOOOO MUCH HAPPENED!) And this post isn’t about everything I experienced…at some point…eventually…maaaaaaybe…I might have to sit down and write out the bits of it that I want to save in written memories. For everything else that I haven’t already talked about, here’s more rubbish and ribbish and gibberish:

Not ready for visibility
For three weeks I was barely online. As in, I’d post a few pics every few days (most like every day) on fb, and check my email to see if anything important had come my way…but I wasn’t online to chat. It was sweet when friends bothered to im me to find out how I was or how my trip was going, but the truth it, I didn’t want to talk to them. I know it sounds mean…but…these are friends I see/talk to when I’m home (or at least talk to if they don’t live in the same city/country as me), and while it was nice to get a break from work and my life, it’s refreshing to get a break from everyone else’s lives too. Not to say I don’t care or that I love my friends any less–obviously not the case…just that it felt nice to have a change in EVERYTHING. If anything, coming back has given me newfound interest in the lives of my usual chat-buddies…then again, I’ve stayed invisible because I enjoy having my online space. Mostly pointless since I end up im-ing the usual crowd anyways. Point being, thank you gchat for the option of the invisible mode. You have served me well.


City lights
“Can you recognize a city by its lights?”
That’s a line that kept popping up in my head over the last few weeks and the oh-so-many flights I found myself on. For some reason I ended up taking off or landing into cities that were defined by the spreading of neon, florescent, and yellow/orange lights. Looking at veins of glows expanding into different directions, something-like-but-not-exactly-quite patterns, they made me think of the nervous system and the spreading of dendrites.

But back to my original thought/questions–can you recognize e a city by it’s lights? I suppose so. If you know your city well enough, if you know a glow by the watts it produces, if you’ve looked often at a space–often enough to register it from a different, even aerial, angle. I suppose so. But when the time came to test my theory, turns out the only flights where I flew without the guidance of dark yet sparkly night-time city lights was when I took off, and then 3.5 weeks later, when I landed…home.

Maybe I’ll never know.

Coffee–you may have just started doing your job
Coffee makes me sleepy. Or that’s the conclusion I have come to a year into my I-eat-drink-EVERYTHING(almost)-now choice of life. For rizzles, for a girli who was expecting to have enough energy to run to the moon and back, twice, thanks to  precisely zero tolerance for caffeine, imagine my surprise when a warm mug left me nodding in a meeting where I needed to be on my game…and awake. As of late though, I think, and I could be wrong (but probably not), even one cuppa’ seems to increase my heart rate. And here it is, beating away (beatbeatbeatbeatbeatbeatbeatbeat) like a JUNGLE DRUM (everybody, sing with me!!!…..or not) but the point being I feel like I have the mental capacity and ENERGY of a 4 year old who yells “IT WASN’T ME!!!!!!” before flinging poop at someone. That, or it feels like that groaning painful feeling and the heart beating of seeing a crush when you’re in 7th grade and literally at the ugliest stage of your life. I hate it when people say I look exactly the same 😦

Had coffee before coming to work. And now I’m too HEART IS STILL RACING to concentrate. Fuck.

contagious creativity
yerp. Recently (as in yesterday) I had an extended lunch with a friend who shared with me his love of people who are passionate (actually, he was hatin’ on peeps who got no passion…and I’ve putting a slightly wee bit mo’ positive spin to it) and I agree with him mostly…even though I argued the otherwise because oh, you know, a good way to keep friends is to take a piss on everything they say.

BUT, today I had coffee with a friend (yes, the above mentioned coffee which is preventing me from working, but is contributing greatly to my rapid typing of more nonsense!) annnnnnd….he was sharing some creative ideas and in my head (because in real life I was trying to look intellectual and going all adult and “mmhmm”) I was thinking “OH SWEET”. I mean, kid’s got some good ideas (and yes, U, I just called you kid – GIT OVR’ IT). Anyways, so there I am–trying not to look too impressed–and while he revels his ideas and potential projects, my mind goes a-whirling (mebe it was le coffee….:/…) and I start getting ides of me own! Not that I remember any of them…because then I started thinking about the conversation from the day before with S and how we basically concluded that people were passion (who were motivated and had goals and such) were wonderful because they are infectious.  Creativity breeds creativity. I mean that and coffee and here I am with more bs.

Maybe creativity is contagious. Maybe I need more sleep. Maybe I should give up coffee (BUT IT TASTES SO GOOD…and I think, a year after starting on coffee, I have realized that I like my coffee dark and strong (am tempted to make a ‘like my men’ joke…but that’s too lame even for me)…

That comment I didn’t publish…
And in other news, some kind fellow decided to leave a comment on my blog using an array of delightful words basically telling me that I’m not Nepali because I must be an Indian born in Nepal…?… Infallible logic aside, I did not approve that comment because it’s rude, but I did want to say that I was indeed born in Nepal, in Patan Hospital, and I am Nepali–green passport, love of momos, and all. And that it fucking sucks traveling with a green passport that is still handwritten because people raise an eyebrow and resort to pro-longed stares at my visa. Sigh. Even then, I don’t want to make the move to the machine readable one…I’ve even had a passport when the person writing out my details made a mistake and then used a blade (YES A BLADE) to SCRATCH OUT the mistake. Oh yups. Point being, I also didn’t approve that comment because it didn’t really make sense. This time, you failed to insult me, try harder next time okay? Excellent.

Post script
Bored and possibly confused readers, that is all for today. Most posts to come in the future, perhaps after more coffee, most likely when I’m in the office and not really working because that BITCH YEAH I’M ON HOLIDAY button was so easy to flip on and the Back to Work Minion switch seems to have rusted rather quickly. Blast.


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