one must try to remember

as it turns out, even when i have my periods of intense lows, there is so much in the world to take pleasure in. so what if the wanderlust in me makes me feel conflicted? so what if there are parts of my job that i don’t enjoy? so what if i have no idea what i want to do in life, zero goals, zero aspirations, limited talents?

so what so what so what

as it turns out, the biggest joy in my life isn’t “accomplishing” something, it isn’t what i do for the bulk of my day to earn my merge wages, it (shockingly) isn’t even my love and happiness dog…it’s people. it’s friends. the ones that are here and the ones that are far way.

somehow or the other, a conversation, a text, a personalized link to epic dancing, jokes, and just interaction–even though an online medium–they make me laugh. they make me happy. they make me think. they just make me feel SO MUCH BETTER

what a wonderful feeling to have as i end my day, how fortunate that i can go to sleep with contentedness in my heart and a smile on my face.

  1. D said:

    yas, friends can have effect. i would love to do some epic dancing moves along with you…not that i know how to dance!

    • D! I don’t know how to dance either, which is what makes it so much fun 😀 loo loo, arko paali bhetda nachum nachum!

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