More clothes!

The kindness of friends allows me to indulge in hobbies, they buy me fabric that i loooooooooove:

२०१२०८२६-१२५५२३ उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpggreen, white, grey, LEAVES – i love EVERYTHING about this fabric/pattern so I turned it into a light easy summery dress:

२०१२०८२६-१२५५१० उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpgand because my friends were so generous in the amount of fabric they gave me, i had enough spare to make myself a shirt! it’s actually more loose than it looks in the pic, but whatever.

२०१२०८२६-१२५४४३ उत्तर मध्यान्ह.jpg

annnnnd i STILL have more fabric left over! photos to come when/if i make something 🙂

  1. D said:

    hehehehe; love the photos and the dress and the shirt and the manche in it 😀

  2. D said:

    we went to the shop again; the lady told us that you are supposed to wash the cloth in face-wash re, so that the color does not go. well…ammm….that was something.

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