Kathmandu, I Love You

I went to pick up my mom from the airport the other day, and I went to receive her with flowers. For some reason, the bright yellow and white made everyone stop and stare. Though confused at first, I eventually did see for myself what a contrast the bouquet was to the dust, grime, metal, and concrete of the city. It made the flowers look especially beautiful.

२०१२१०१०-०९५८१४ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg

I don’t even want to know the background story on this:

२०१२१०१०-०९५८०४ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg

I bit into a guava the other day, and where the initial crunch usually gives to a softer squish, I ended up biting too small and I uncovered a pattern where there is normally mush and seeds. Nibbling with care, I uncovered a honeycomb weave in my fruit, I didn’t know guavas did this:

२०१२१०१०-०९५७५१ पूर्व मध्यान्ह.jpg

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  1. Kreeti said:

    About the donut princess – there used to be a shop that served donuts before the fruit shop was opened in that place. I used to take a round of thamel every evening with my boyfriend. That’s exactly the thing I notice every time I pass that place now. (And, BTW, the donut shop had tall stools and the seats were wrapped in a white colored cover with pink frills – the frills made the seat look like a skirt. The stools looked like nurses wearing skin tight micro minis (at least that’s how I imagined them!).)

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