the year began drunk. (according to S it was because of “that fucking bartender”)
arrived at the protest, our brains transferred to hungover. coffee, we decided, was the cure. and then, followed hours of laughter (still hungover). unproductive day at work (no batti bhayera). and it settled down into a sorrowful ‘biutiful’ movie after a very very quiet dinner.

all in all. not a bad way to begin a new year, especially if this means 2013 will be standing up for things i believe in…and finding humor.

i’m going to aim for more laughter, with friends and strangers.
it’s the one time where we’re not aware of anything else, but we feel better.

  1. I have meant to watch Biutiful, but I know it is supposed to be emotionally brutal and so I never actually sit down to watch it…

    • It’s an incredible movie that I wouldn’t recommend to everyone. Definitely very heavy. In the words of the person who recommended it to me, “Don’t watch it when you’re having a bad day.” Sound advice. I think now that I know the story, I’ll watch it again to appreciate it.

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