this is why new years resolutions are impossible to keep. a few days ago I wrote about trying to surround myself with more laughter, instead the thought that has been dominating my mind lately is anger.

yes, i know, there is such a thing as justified anger. there is much we should be angry at…

there is, as it turns out, so much to be angry about. i’m angry I’ve been sick the last few days, i’m angry i’ve missed a few days of the protests, i’m angry the protests even have to occur for justice and resolutions that are so fucking obvious, and I’m angry with the reality of what we most probably won’t achieve.

i’m angry at my pessimism. i’m angry that any movement, any campaign for awareness, any fight for any reason, is a tool to breed more hate. i’m angry, at hate. i’m angry at injustice. i’m angry at the rapes that have secured a spot in media coverage. i’m angry at so many of the responses–my mother’s included. “They should cut their penises off” she says and i wonder how that’s even close to a solution. and that too, angers me.

i’m angry at the state of the world and how we descend into further evil. i’m angry at my growing loss of hope in humanity. i’m angry at anger.


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