the wedding-ding thing

I suppose at this age I shouldn’t be so surprised to hear of those in my age group getting engaged/married/having babies. It’s just so much harder to digest news of that nature when I feel like I’m still 18.

It’s like everyone knows some secret about being a fabulous, successful, ADULT in their mid-20s and I’m still sending texts that say: boobies. Sometimes, my texts say (.)(.) or (.Y.)
(true story)

I just can’t imagine being at a place where I could make adult decisions and apply them to my life. Like…having a career…or choosing someone to be with FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, or worse–babies….to RUIN the rest of your life.

And yet when news comes my way of friends who have matured (what feels like) a generation ahead of me, I am actually happy for them. I’m genuinely excited about what their engagement ring looks like, I do give a shit about when the wedding is,  I’d like to be able to go dress shopping with her, and I would be offended not to be invited to his bachelor party (either as guest or stripper.)

But even after wishing them all the happiness in the world, I quite like (and much prefer) my life as it is: semi-unemployed, financially unstable, unable to commit, and somehow still terribly happy. (most of the time).

And when I hear about the next couple who’ve decided to take the big leap, my reaction will probably still be the same–WHAT? She’s getting married?!

  1. kgb said:

    here’s the fav/annoying conversation bit.
    ‘she’s getting married!’
    ‘to whom?’
    ‘a boy…some boy.’

    (amm…as in specifics…)

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