high school drama and teenage angst

listen up (read up?) peeps– this here is going to be a post heavy on wisdom.

1) high school drama doesn’t end in high school. not even close. it goes on, forever. the fact that we refer to it as “high school drama” misled me for YEARS into believing that petty shit would end after high school. na da. i finally accepted “college drama” and then “work drama” and now i think it should just be called “life drama”…but can be refereed to as “life” for short. just as effective, just as shitty.

2) teenage angst is no way confined to terrible pimply years (which i actually avoided thanks to genes that bless me with clear skin!) but my skin did little to save me from terrible years, which have persisted many years beyond adolescence. there are many topics i wrote about and was consumed by then that still eat away at me (bite by bite) today. a favorite topic, of course, being romance.

being hurt then and hurt now still leads to the same level of awful sappy poetry writing, the only difference being you wise up a tad and do not make the mistake of sending it to the person of your affection (irrespective of whether those emotions are love or hate- mostly because often the two can result in very similar behaviors).

and, ill-fated love at 15 feels just as shitty as it does at 25. teenage or not, the “love”-angst is still dramatic and painful and it will resurrect every little detail of self-doubt and insecurity that one is capable of feeling in all her years.


3) relationship status are stupid. apparently some terms like “seeing someone” is outdated (right?), but one of my fav comedy shows had a great line about it:

man in bar: are you seeing anyone right now?
visually impaired woman: i’m not seeing anyone, I’m blind!

but I’m off topic…what i meant to say it, it bothers me that we are so eager to force titles on people. “boyfriend” “lover” “manfriend” “live in relationship” “father of my children” “adoptive father of my children” blah blah blah. i mean, i do understand whhhhhhhy we do it (so that smaller human brains compartmentalize how two other people relate to each other) but it’s annoying. and limiting. and explaining things are a pain in the butt.

a friend sent this to me and i find it quite fitting:

my status

So if you’re curious about the non-thing thing I’m in, I’m hungry.

  1. Wow! This thing really happens..! Like they used to say once you go through +2 and get admitted into a Graduate School its over! But now while turning to intern the drama seems to get bigger! It never ceases to be abnormal!

  2. icanwritesomething said:

    i was drowsing in office, waiting for greatest event “5pm” to occur; read this post and “ok the sleep is gone-back to work” wittily awakening 😀

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