two tongues in your mouth

i praised you for your tongue that is split in two, i thought it gave us double the strength to bind us to each other. but now i see, that your words were sliced with indecision; as one side of you spoke of love and how one day, you want me to be the mother of your children, the other sat silent, muted by all that you’d feared you’d given. in one week i’ve discovered multiple ways for my heart to be broken by the very same person–twice the trust, twice the hope, four time of trying to change your decision, now multiply that and you’ll be able to put a score to my hurt and disappointment. don’t you know, the tongue is an incredible organ with a recovery speed that has no comparison, but when you took back what words your tongue had lavished me with, you should have known that my love is a beating and beaten heart, and unlike your tongue, it will not be so quick in healing.


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