What is there to say about dreams? They have an odd way of affecting me. I’ve never really been one to believe in the greater meaning of dreams, but there are many nightly visions I would love to explore to uncover the deeper subconscious reasons for me seeing these things.

So, I decided to share the four really strange dreams I’ve had in the last week and a half:

1) I’ve recently met a new guy and we super get along in a fabulously awkward way, but we don’t know each other well although we both assume a fantastic friendship is in our future. Anyways, so I have this strange strange dream where we’re on a cruise ship or some sort and we’re hanging out in this lounge area. Something upsets me and I get up to leave, as I’m about to exit through a doorway, he comes up from behind me and kisses my neck, and when I, surprised, turn around, he kisses me.

The next thing I know I’m in the bathroom because I want to wash my hands (so what if I have compulsive habits) and then we sorta start having a water fight…naked….

The water fight stops but we’re both standing in front of the mirror looking at ourselves and he tells me to come closer. I’m standing behind him so I step up and wrap my arms around him and hug him…and I keep looking at us. Looking at my own face was so vivid–it was like I got a better look at my face and at myself in the dream then I ever do in reality, and then I looked at him and then again at me and I thought we looked kinda good together…then I remembered how good I used to think the ex (I dislike calling someone my “boyfriend”–the word is just strange…but right now I like the title “ex-boyfriend” even less. ugh) and I looked together.

It was strange for certain, but it was also oddly intimate. Very very intimate.

Obviously, my new friend doesn’t know I had this dream about him 😀

2) I worked on a large ship, I think I was a part of the kitchen crew and it was for the navy or something. Anyways, the crew was being shipped out which meant I would be out of a job…except they didn’t want to let go of me so instead the commander comes and tells me I’ve been enlisted as a sailor and I have one hour to pack my belongings before we sailed off.

I rushed to pack and once my bag was full I realized I had packed mostly clothes. Then I realized that I’d probably be in uniform most of the time so I wouldn’t need as many clothes…but I didn’t know how long I’d be gone for. So instead, I walked around my room trying to decide what sentimental things I wanted to take with me. Photos, knick-knacks, physical mementos of memories, books–things to remember people by. I was at a loss for what to take and what to leave behind.

3) I, along with thousands of other people, were somehow kidnapped and forced into labor. We were practically slaves. We were forced to work construction and had no access to communication of any sort. I met a lady I knew and I was trying to tell her I needed help to get out but I couldn’t make her understand because we were being watched very closely.

I then tried to devise ways to run away but it was extremely difficult. Then some protesters came to rally against something that was not related to us and I was trying to stop them because having them there somehow meant worse conditions for us. I don’t remember how but through them the media found out about all of being kept as slaves and we were all over the news and we were finally released.

The day we were set free we were on a dock where our families and friends all came to meet us to take us back home. My parents were there and I ran to them and hugged them, and somehow I knew that he would be there too…that he’d seen my name on the list of those captured and he’d come back to find me. So I left my parents and when I turned around…there he was. We stood in front of each other not knowing what to do for a split second, then I threw my arms around his neck and cried.

He held me and we both sort of sank to the ground, I held on to him so tight and just cried and cried and cried because there was no way to express all that I’d been through, and there were no words for the comfort his arms provided me with. He held me, and he cried too.

4) I was a student from Kyrgyzstan doing an exchange program in some Western country. and then I ran into me (I have dreams where I’m multiple characters) and we were talking about our experience of the country. Kyrgyzstan-me kept saying how clean she thought the country was and I agreed but thought it was a bit of an odd comment…until I got to Kyrgyzstan and was surprised by how dirty it was.

It wasn’t dirty in the way that Nepal is…it was dirty like Ireland is portrayed in Frank McCourt’s movie adaptation of Angela’s Ashes. Then I understood why Kyrgyzstan-me kept talking about how clean things were. Anyways, I ended up going to her house only to find out that her and her father were kind of fugitives–she has been in another country for her safety and her father had been hiding at home.

Of course, in my dream I also ended up playing the father (yes, I also sometimes dream I’m a man) and whenever it seemed like the situation was getting bad I had a quick exit to the sewers where I would hide. People would come see me and if something seemed to happen I’d be in the sewer. At the end of the dream, I was swimming away in the sewers and I didn’t know where I was going, I just wanted my family to be safe.


Anyways, I told J about these dreams, I also told her about how since he left I’ve been dreaming about him about 5/7 night a week..and how it unsettles me..how it messes with how well I sleep..and therefore it messes with how I feel all day. Although I usually remember my dreams, I don’t remember what he was doing or what was happening in my dreams with him, usually I just wake up knowing that he made an appearance in my slumber, and that is all.

Then J bought me this– a dream catcher. I used to have one many many years ago but I gave it to someone, I don’t remember who. When J handed me this, I actually teared up. It’s strange how such a small act can end up meaning so much.

Now, the dream catcher in all it’s feathery-leathery beauty hangs above my head where I sleep and regardless of whether I believe in their dream catching properties, it’s a lovely little reminder of friends who care, and friends who stick around, and friends who are entertained by my strange dreams.

I wonder, of what now will I dream?


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  1. icanwritesomething said:

    the dream catcher looks scary to me! something belonging to Africans and their voodoo magic but i like the curtain and tuk tuk(s). 😀

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