Why writing is like taking a shit

It comes when it does and that’s all there is to it. There’s no discipline or daily timed trained ritual to follow through. It’s better when I let it come of its own accord instead of forcing it. On occasion it sputters out of me, other times it takes work–both are satisfying in their own way. (There’s also a lot of disappointments.)

There are a number of people I can bring it up with, but very few who value and appreciate me sharing details.

It’s a serious business but there’s a fair amount of humor to it– sometimes, it’s real shitty, sometimes its just a lot of gas.

Shit happens, so does my writing.

  1. icanwritesomething said:

    ah ! perhaps due to this weather, we can’t even sing the epic song ‘the answer is blowing in the wind’ ( no wind, only blazing sun 🙂 )

  2. tell me about it! it seems like i have been waiting forever for a push to write something… and nothing.. 😦
    every time i try, it’s just gas… [heh i should use this gas theory more often!]

      • lol. you can say that!

      • hahah, i don’t have any real advice…what’s the equivalent of literary laxatives? coffee and cigarettes? (that works for both pooping and writing!!)

      • haha, believe me i have traveled that path [the coffee and cigarette ones], it’s no use… these days, it’s like my brain is mocking my own though patterns [the left and the right side is at war i think hehe]. so it might help for pooping, but i am guessing too much of coffee gives you the “literary constipation”, just a theory, you know when you tend to over analyze thing and the logical or sometimes the “asshole” side of your brain goes, “i object” [like a lawyer, hehe]

      • over analyze? i have an entire blog filled with verbal diarrhea!!

        sometimes, if you cannot write, it helps to read.

      • doing that…
        but most of the time [your blogs for instance] my head goes like “oh fish! why didn’t i think of that?” hehe

      • I FEEL LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME!! (not about my blog…about other blogs/books i read). i suffer from an incurable case of word envy.

        oh, the other thing that helps me write: traveling. whenever i have a long trip, (like 7 hours on a bus or 12 hours waiting in transit) my mind tends to fill itself with a billion thoughts (30 of which i think i could actually write about), but then, of course, i don’t have a computer or even a notebook so the hard part is trying to remember all the award-winning ideas i had…and if i end up writing 1 thing i came up with, well, it’s not a total loss.

        this method is obviously not fool proof. basically put yourself in a situation where you can’t write, even if you want to, and the ideas will flow if only to torment you 🙂

      • good point… i’ll give it a try… won’t aim for the “award winning idea” though…

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