things to look forward to

i think one of my favorite things about my life is how completely unpredictable it is. perhaps that’s true for everyone but in my case, it’s especially unpredictable. a fantastic example of this is how i have spent the last four birthdays in different countries and as birthday is right around the corner, this will make five years spent aging in different places with a range of company.

this year might probably be one of the best birthdays yet as it combines two of my favorite things: traveling and friends.

somehow several of my closests friends from Nepal and i were able to manage it so we’re off together and it so happens to take place on my birthday. i cannot wait.

without these things to look forward to sometime life gets difficult. i had thought i’d be spending my birthday in another country with different company, but as they tend to do, plans change. but i couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.

as the years go by, i have more memories to sift though but one thing remains the same–never have i been able to accurately guess where i’ll be next year. and i’m okay with that because each year it’s a surprise. and i like surprises. i like having things to look forward to.

  1. nepaliketi said:

    You’re blogging at 7:40?!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • it’s a little past 9 am here 🙂 i have my blog set to a different time zone just to confuse people. hahah.

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