i thought shaving my head was the most liberated i had ever felt…until i went to a gay bar.

i couldn’t say exactly why, but being in a room filled with people completely uninterested in my breasts or vagina was so freeing. it felt like one of the only true moments where i have been able to be myself without any inhibition. there was no need to be self conscious, there was no need to try to impress anyone, and there were no judgements. i was surprised by just how comfortable i felt.

i drank like i wanted, i danced like i wanted, and i felt like i was 100% just me.


but of course, an experience like this wouldn’t be 100% me if i went to a gay joint (with a fantastic drag show!) and didn’t come away with a fabulous story–while in the club, a gay man hit on me…or tried to hit on me…several times. i am certain it was because he thought i was transgender and in a way, i was flattered but i was mostly not interested.

in one night, however, i was able to check off several things off my bucket list:
* go to a gay bar – check
* see a drag show – check
* dance with ladyboys – check
* get hit on by a gay guy – heck fucking check

actually, there were many things on my bucket list i got to cross off during my vacation. slowly i’m going to make sure i get though the whole list. for now, one liberating thing at a time will do.



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