a whole new win

so, thinking about all the fun stuff i’ve been getting into, i really want to write out my entire bucket list with all the cool fab shiz i’ve done and all the crazy stuff i have left to do. but speaking of doing things that may not fall under ‘normal’, i felt the need to note this moment down because it’s just too epic not to:

i seem to have accidentally purchased granny panties for myself.

yups. and you know what? i’m wearing them. the waist line is like…probably 4-5 inches higher than my pj bottoms and i don’t care. they’re quite comfy.

next time granny panties come into my possession, they may not even be by accident.

i am also quite certain that i am going to look back at this and admit i was at a very low point in my life, but right now my privates and my toosh (…and belly and lower back) are extensively covered, i feel a strange kind of confidence, and i believe i may have discovered a totally different way to win at life.

wearing granny panties like it’s hot. eff yeah.


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