simple pleasures

My friends laugh at how easily excited I am by things, but I can’t help it. There’s too much taken for granted and there really is SO much pleasure in the most simple of simple things. Things you may not notice, things that are so easily missed.

Things like…the tab on the back of slip on shoes that make them easier to…slip on. What a brilliant little convenience.

Things like…the feeling of good quality nail polish…oh the thrill of an even spread that doesn’t glob on to the edges of my nail like strange colored alien blood.

But the reason i write this post is because of a small thing that is a big big big deal to me: the availability of Belgian beer in Kathmandu!!!!

I love love love love beer and though lagers aren’t my favorite I’ve been drinking them all the same (more for lack of options) and yet I stumbled into the discovery that Duvals and Chimays are here in my capital and I am one happy happy happy happy little girl.

Seriously, i was so happy i almost cried. For a woman who delights in tabs on the back of shoes, imagine what a discovery as such as this must have been like.

oh happy days. happy happy happy days.

happiness abounds.

1 comment
  1. kgb said:

    Belgian BEERRRR!!! woot woot…anyways, i love the little prince. 🙂

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