expect disappointment

expect disappointment. expect hurt. expect pain. expect confusion…a lot of confusion.

i wish someone had told me these things in the last few years. i wish they’d told me that everyone in my life–from a lover, from my best friend, even my sister and to my parents–will ALL disappoint and hurt me at some point. i wish someone had told me to be prepared for the harsh side of relationships…not just between lovers, but every kind of relationship that exists.

relationships at home, at work, between friends, across countires, over time, over distance, even relationships with your favorite bartender–there is an infinite vat of disppointments and pain that await me. that await us.

there are a lot of things i wish i’d been told to expect, but most of all, i wish someone had told me to expect difficult decisons.

everyone will hurt you, everyone will disappoint you. and yet, and yet, and yet, you have a choice. choose anger. choose hate. choose to cut whatever ties existed. choose to walk away. choose for it to end.


choose forgiveness. choose love. choose to get past things. choose the value of what you had. and to do so, here is what i suggest:

accept imperfection. accept forgiveness. accept another chance, and maybe give another chance too. accept failures. accept misunderstandings. accept you have wronged and been wronged. accept better days will come.

and if they stand worthy in your eyes, and you stand worthy in their’s…choose each other.

it’s hard to let go, it’s harder when you choose someone and they don’t choose you…but when you and the other person are able to see the value of each other, the value of what exits, you have choosen happiness.

my happiness lies in those who have picked me time and time again, past the mean and stupid things i did…past the hurtful and harsh things they have said. and when we have picked each other, to pick up the pieces together, to hold on to the friendship, to build a stronger foundation, it’s been worth it.

it’s always worth it. so if you can, if you dare, if you can bear it, choose each other.

choose each other, just as you are.

it’s better.


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