all growed up

i basically had two lunches today, and pringles for dinner.
being an adult means doing whatever i want.
hells yes.

also, i danced late into the night this weekend, and i woke up feeling refreshed and sexy. i assume this is because i’m friends with the kind of people who don’t dance to make an impression, we dance because it’s fun. we take as much of the dance floor as we can, we will move our bodies to the beat in way that would make some people cringe…but the better type of people will laugh and envy how we have such a brilliant time.

and then monday to friday, nine aye-yam to five pee-yam, i put on my super-pro shoes on and kick butt all day, professionally.

i think, i think, i think, i might finally be starting to live my life the way i’ve wanted to.
after all those years of waiting, this is nice.

really, really, really, nice.


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