a new year, a new dawn

last year, i spent time falling in love and dedicting a year and a lifetime to a man. i told him it’d be his year and that i wished the best for him..

this year, this very year, i claim these upcoming 12 months as mine. mine. mine. and mine. i have the world to see, i have so much to give, and i have even more to receive.

this year, not as a resolution, but more as a decision, i strive to learn more about to me, to strive to be more me, and to allow life to happen, beautifuly, unpredicitably…in all it’s misery, and in all of its glory.

i look forward to a year of seeing all that i can be, to valuing all that i am, and all that i could be.

though i am blessed to have spent the coming of midnight with those so precious and so dear to me, this year, my focus won’t just be on all that i am, but on all that i am capable of of.

Once, dear 2014, you seemed like a far away dream…but now you are here and i will make the best of what is before me.

you up for it? i am. i so totally completely am.

happy new years, 2014.


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