last night

last night i found myself pulled into several different realities. and they all merged within my dreams. i set off to Israel with my friends, but a confusion involving two passport mix-ups, a boarding pass that floated away, and an opera at the airport itself… i risked missing my flight.

i dreamed i wore a dress that showed off the tattoo on my back. and someone smirked as they read what lies there permanently in ink. it hurt. it hurts to have those words be mocked, because they are more than just words. and in defense of my body and my ink, i went back to my tattoo artist. I stood naked with my arms just covering my breasts, and asked him to add stars in a certain place. i have always been drawn to Orion’s belt. as i stood looking at a mirror that looked back at me…i asked for more and more of myself to be covered in ink.

i let vines and flowers spread down shoulder to my arms. i allowed ink to spread down my back, it flowed down my sides, and they found themselves dripping from below my breasts and onto my belly. patterns. pictures. words. i don’t remember any of it clearly. i just remember loving my body. loving every single inch of my body.

i loved being a tattooed beauty.

and as night seeped into morning, i didn’t want to awake. i wanted to stay where i was. dreaming.


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