black and white heart

i read your words in black and white. and i hear the heavy sighs of a lonely soul. i just wanted you to know, your words have always drawn me to you. i tell you over and over, you’re one of my favorite writers.

and as i see more of you in print,i smile inward at my sadness and know our melancholy would be friends. knowing that past the drunkenness, there’s always been something there. (hasn’t there?)

something, about your black and white heart.
and my infinite shades of grey.

i wish we talked more. i wish there were more words we shared.

but till then, keep printing you feelings and your thoughts, and i’ll find a way to connect to you there.

    • It is never my intention to make someone cry, but if they must cry on account of me, I hope it’s tears of happiness 🙂

      • unfortunately, you didn’t write those set of words for me… or i would have cried… of happiness :p

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