i do not understand the war of countries. the war of people. the war of races. i do not understand the need for dominion. the quest to conquer. the desire to rule others into oppression.

i do not understand how we discriminate differences. by color by caste by creed by political affiliations. i do not know why we breed hate, why we teach racism.

my mind cannot understand the estimated number of lives lost. of children orphaned. of women raped. of millions left homeless. i cannot grasp the list of men who ruled as thieves. i cannot imagine billions of dollars in a personal bank statement at the expense of a starving nation.

from asia to the africas to europe and beyond. history repeats itself. violence bleeds more violence.

and here i sit, a confused supposedly educated girl (almost woman?) of mixed ethnicity and i cannot say one half is better than the other. that one half should be eradicated. i could not erase half my heritage anymore than i could enforce genocide on all the other cultures that have been my influences.

i am a child of the world, of globalization, i have many languages on my tongue, many schools of thought in my head, and an unbridled appreciation for all of our variations.

i am a child of peace, the new age of reason, i am the daughter of the world, and i want to save each and every single one of my siblings. let me save, let me love, beyond skin beyond tongue. why is it so hard to see, that really, we are all truly just one: human.


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