same date, another year

last year, on this date, i was in a completely different frame of mind and state of being. except for one specific occurrence there is no reason this date should be given any importance in my memory. perhaps as the years wane, this date will lose its significance in the same way other dates have lost their meaning. importance and priorities change.

none the less, at least this once, i wanted to mark February 13th for what it still represents.

a day is but a day, but it awes me how so much transpires over a year.

in a year, my work has changed, my hair is altered, my body has undergone significant a year, my travels have taken me on various adventures, an array of encounters, in a odd variety of places. i have found love, lost it, and discovered peace amidst all the confusion and nonsense. i have met new people who have become new friends to replace other people i misplaced along the way. the building i call home has shifted and my definition of ‘home’ has reached another phase in its evolution.

my mind has expanded as my world continues to shrink.

and somehow i am still me.

and somehow, this year, i will stand in the exact same physical spot i occupied last year.

waiting…but not for the same reason. not for the same thing.

never the same.

always changing.

in a way, these shifts and odd coincidences, these unforeseeable events linked in the most unexpected of ways, all this…life (i suppose we could call it), has earned my appreciation.





the unknown of next year excites and thrills me.


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