weird white people — where do they all come from?

Last night, M and I accidentally found ourselves participants at a quiz night surrounded by a bunch of weird white people.

How did this come to be, you ask? Well, a bit hungry and kinda too lazy to cook (cooking everyday is for real life adults and I am still years away from that), we stopped by a small establishment for a bite.

“Are you here for quiz night?”
We replied in the negative.
“Well it’ll start in about 20 minutes if you want to stay!”
We weighed our options and settled on ‘well why not’.
(Monday nights rarely have much to offer anyways.)

Nearing 8 (or was it 7?) the establishment was quite empty although a scattering of chairs indicated others were expected. And soon enough, others arrived.

A large but somewhat childish woman in a dress with poofy hair reminiscent of a forgettable character from Alice in Wonderland. A big haired bright lipstick-ed elderly lady who could be inspiration for Helena Bonham Carter’s future self. Men with scraggly hair who looked like they walked out of a dizzying Jazz trio. Men with ponytails. Other people of varying shapes, sizes, styles, and demeanor. And a smattering of accents.

All of them welllllll over the age of 50.
(Except for an outlier Chinese guy.)

M and I threw glances at each other and made comments no one else could hear. We played the game. Jotting down the answers we knew. Coming up with excellent guesses for ones we didn’t know. We didn’t win, but that wasn’t the point of the evening.

On the way home we talked about the oddities we just met. Most white people hanging out in Nepal fall into easy categories: tourists (backpackers and hippies alike), business personnel, development workers.

But these individuals, these people who would be just as odd in Nepal as they would be anywhere else in the world, we concluded they belong to a group of previous hippies now living a new aged dream at a seasoned point in their life. As to what they do in Nepal, and how they arrived, I doubt we’ll ever know.

Next quiz night, we won’t be going back.

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  1. s said:

    there is a weekly quiz night here. i wouldn’t describe them as “weird.” they were far more intense, then again, they had a lot at stake: an entire case of …. : )

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