profanities surface with ease and it is only a split second of thought that prevents them from tumbling off a lashing tongue.

harsh words come to mind and under it, deep seeded hate. hate for humans. hate for humanity. hate for our demands, our self-righteousness, deep deep hate for the baseless sense of self entitlement.

who the fuck are you? who the fuck are they?
(who the fuck am I?)

these thoughts, this angst, this unsettled desire to scream froths and festers. it foams and hardens into crust. it stains and it stays.

the bad always stays.

and those curses, those pointed comments laced with poison, the true affection of anger, frustration, and hurt–they remain unsaid. they stay veiled. they lay in wait.

and among it all, just a thing so small, a word so kind, an action of good thought, a kiss of love, would go a long long long way. encouragement is difficult to seek, and when sought it’s not easy to find :/

today, i despair over it all.

tonight, if i have time to spare, maybe i’ll weep it out in bitter tears.

bitter too is an acquired taste.

  1. Who the F*** are you? i mean seriously. who are you? you write stuff that’s been on my mind but couldn’t find a way to express (i am sure it’s on everybody’s mind) yet you do it so flawlessly. (and i am not talking about this one particular blog, everything topic that you pick up)

    • I am every man and every woman, every thought and every thought that ended up being near a deed, and in that, I am simply me 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words unknown reediquelus reader, you’ve helped abate the negatives I’ve been plagued with all day!

      • You are welcome. 😀 (i am now going to re-read my comments and figure out how i managed to help you :p till then i need you to “just write” )

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