the time has come when the purr of airplanes causes my head to tilt upward in longing. as the sleek body of silver glides across black velvet skies, or cuts through cushions of clouds, i ache to be in a seat, strapped in, feeling the roar the plane leaves behind.

i itch to be on the move, i hunger to be on the go. with mounting pressure at work, and the stress of day to day life, my nomadic heart cries for new roads.

and soon, oh so soon, i’ll be on my way to some place new.

the countdown is all but at a close, and the only thing that remains are details and for me to pack my clothes. the reassurance of a ticket, and the visa stamped in my passport, it soothes my soul.

each place i go leads to hellos and there are so many goodbyes scattered on the way. but for now I’ll take leave of routine and predictability, of faces that I’ve got used to seeing, I’ll indulge in a needed change of scenery. and come time to make the journey back,i know i won’t want to leave.each trip away is another reason to be less inclined to return, as though Nepal grows into feeling like home, home is not a geographic place my heart years. My heart wanders and seeks, my heart has so many places to go.

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  1. s said:

    reminds me of the that college singer…home is where the heart is and my heart i give to you.

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