easily forgotten

i had, so easily, forgotten the joy i get from words and the pleasure of release they offer. i had, so easily, forgotten the small things in life,  that give me so much peace. i don’t know how it came to be, that a summer night in solitude was all i needed. a few fireflies winking in the dark, it even made me appreciate load shedding.

i had forgotten to value the ‘i love you’ at the end of a call with my father, a hug from him when he’s proud of me. i had forgotten the care of my mother. i didn’t see that her growing dependency on me is trust, is love. that there is beauty to new ages. that as we grow older, we also grow better.

i had, so easily, forgotten that my journey here is to learn. and so there is many teachings to look to. for comfort. for inspiration. for laughter. for love. for life.

and in return, i have the ability of creation. of creating moments, of stringing words together, of developing a role that enables me to affect lives. i can create art in summer dresses, in late night stitches, i can give love form in affection, in kindness. i can leave my mark in moments that won’t have a tangible form. i’m okay with the best bits of me and of life being lost to memory.

my only wish while i’m still here, is that i could find a way to not forget so easily. to remember all the good. to always see the beauty.

help me remember, please.


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