darling you smile in stride across sparkly sidewalks
that glimmer with diamond dust
i can hear the sunshine in your voice
so far away

i see you’ve dusted off my city breeze
i’ve seen your face grimace across potholes
your agitation grow over bumpy roads
your distain of rain sprinkling your side
you don’t like squish in your shoes
you don’t like muddy feet

but where your diamonds lay scattered
where your sidewalks lay paved and even
my roads
my streets
they shimmer in rain
the catch and toss light
these sides walk into roads
and my feet they have different woes
dipped into pools of summer waters

you don’t see cuz you don’t look,
but baby
cracked concrete shines like you can’t imagine
and the crumbling aphaslt that frustrates you so
break into dirt paths
that leads me home

i’m okay with taking these walks alone


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