The great learning

if i were to write a book of sorts that reflect on the journey we’re all on, i’d title it ‘the great learning’. for in essence, isn’t that all we’re here to do? to learn, to err, to ideally grow, and maybe along the way we make an attempt to contribute. and then, we learn some more.

i do not really know.

and as these dreams of The Great Learning floats in my head, i must confess the sever drought i have been in when it comes to the actual text. they require words. and for the time being, i have none.

these past few months i’ve been on a grand learning of my own. more to know about this country my passport claims me to be from, more to know about myself, about the world, about love, about life, about work. and best (and worst) of all, the possibility of a foreseeable future. how terrifying indeed.

and in this highly educational experience i find myself unable to put together the big plan. unable to give shape to what is to come. unsure about how to sew together these various components i have been bestowed. so much has occurred over so much and so little time. i am at a loss of how to put it together.

for now, i continue, as i have been doing for years, in fragments. still hoping, always hoping, that the words will come.

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