that little girl

i’ve been retelling this story lately, the one about when i was a little girl and would write songs. “write songs”. day in and day out over what must have been at least a few weeks (if not an entire summer), i would walk out to my “invisible tree”. the one on the main path leading to the main campus. the one in clear view.

i would settle on a branch enthralled at having a view over everyone (but no one could see me remember?). and there i would sit prepared for the task of the day: to write the next hit song launching my career as a child star.

based on what i don’t remember i would start singing. so sure was i that this, this was the next hit that i wouldn’t even bother to write down the lyrics. the song was going to be so good i would automatically remember it. yes. that’s how good it was.

i’d belt out and whisper and carry my voice where i thought it needed to be led. i gave it my all. i knew, just KNEW that this would be the one.

i never remembered a song past 5 minutes of when it born.

but the next day, with my confidence unfaltered, i would find my way to my tree, knowing today was the day.

i’ve never been as confident of anything ever since. i wonder where that little girl has gone.


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