too much

after you leave, there are places i no longer frequent. the city is pierced with memories of you, you see. and from where i sit, i can remember your arms around me and the sting of your kiss. the salt from after the earthquake  dusty on your shirt and your skin. 

you were so happy to see me in that moment. you sat next to me, not across, so you could whisper in my ear and make me giggle. a spectacle were we, those men had reason to stare, we gave them that and we laughed carefree. 

i don’t come here much anymore, thestaff expect you by my side, you see. and though i don’t need you to be complete there is an emptiness to sitting here, alone, no one across and certainly no one beside me. 

i loved you too much, maybe, and in the aftermath of a twice broken heart i try to recover in iced appleade, no sandwich today, not for me, not even if it’s chicken and cranberry.  

i don’t want this missing of you, i resent still blinking back tears. it’s either love or hate, i can’t find inbetween so slowly I’ll go back to those places, my places, you will eventually fade into dusty salty memories. i always hated how you ate most of my food anyways. 


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