and still

i wonder if people have forgotten how to be still. when i wake up, i enjoy being still. the quiet of morning. the calm of my body awakening. i like to listen for the noise around the house, around the neighborhood. get a feel for a day and what the day could bring. the calm of it, it’s nice.

in the erratic hustle and bustle of Kathmandu i wonder if i get lost in noise. the soundtrack of urban living overwhelms. and the tragic escape is more noise, albeit that of my choosing. how many hours have i spent traveling around this city with ben harper, mirah, and an assortment of others in my ears? their voices sooth but they don’t offer the solace of silence.

sitting under a banyan tree with a friend, we chit chatted softly to the falling of rain and a dog by my feet. a few little girls with village life in their nail and hair come by. they hover and glance at us, soon they go their way. we watch the mountains darken into night. we watch them come to life under a blaze from the skies. we dream of buying a house nearby.

this time of year, i often close my eyes to the rain as i wait for sleep. the lull of the earth being kissed. with a soft breeze the rain lifts by i come to life. in the quiet. in the still.

and yet, it’s so easy to forget. take a deep breath. find it.


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