I write things. Some people read them.



shethinkstoherself@gmail.com – hit me up if you want to talk about… oh you know, anything.

  1. and read sone of your pieces today….i dont think direction less is a right term to describe youself.

  2. Biplav said:

    I was just searching something- but could not find though I visited most of your blog’s body. Where is ABOUT yourself? I hope I am not lost in your greenish blog.

      • Biplav said:

        It’s so illusive!

  3. and you really are the in-charge of ur blog… Always the mood lifter whenever you post new in it!

    • Thanks! And… was there someone else in change of my blog that I wasn’t aware of?

  4. Hi there….

    I have just sat for my SLC exams and while awaiting for my results I have started a blog – http://krantikarki.wordpress.com/.

    Please do take a minute or two to visit my blog and inform me if we can exchange links. Also, I wish to become a qualified blogger like you.

    Chitij Karki

  5. Ajiv said:

    Just wanted to let you know that some of your posts here are wonderful. I will come back to dig into them deeper as time permits.

    • Oh thank you! That’s so sweet, but don’t come back with high expectations. haha.

  6. Kancha said:

    Most great philosophers are the product of persistent thinking. Sometimes just being a pseudo-philosopher will help u to built a confidence to be a philosopher. hehe. Anyways I like reading u’r thoughts :). And good luck for ……… everything!!!

  7. anabhaw said:

    Hey great blog I loved going through your writing. Keep writing good stuffs and I’ll definitely be the one to visit your blog regularly though I don’t write but I love reading other thoughts.
    Best wishes!

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